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A suburb of Pueblo located just about 15 miles east of the larger city, Avondale, Colorado, is a tiny town, home to a population of just over 800. The town sits at an elevation of around 4,500 feet and is made up of an area of almost four square miles. Residents living there are quite spread out, with a low population density of just 223 people per square mile. The town's estimated median household income was just over $42,000 as of 2007 figures.

The town is located just outside of the Pueblo Army Depot, near the intersections of highways 96 and 50 and about an hour south of Colorado Springs. The largest industries in which residents of the town are employed include construction, education and electronic shopping and mail-order houses. The nearest hospital is just a few minutes away in Pueblo. There is one elementary school, Avondale Elementary School, located inside the town. Students attend middle and high school in larger cities nearby.

Being a suburb of Pueblo, residents of Avondale can easily access and enjoy its many amenities, from a four-year university and a two-year community college to three hospitals and medical centers. Many of the residents of Avondale commute in to Pueblo to work. Pueblo is known for a type of green chili that its farmers grow, and Avondale residents can have a taste of these as Pueblo celebrates them through its autumn harvest celebration.

Nearby in Pueblo attractions can be found such as five golf courses, a number of parks, including City Park, which is home to its own zoo, and a large number of museums, ranging in topic from local news, fire safety, history, science, railroad and children's interest. The annual state fair is held there as well, and Avondale residents can grab some carnival food, watch a livestock show or rodeo and see a concert during the two-week-long event.

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