Palmer Lake Real Estate Information

Just off I-25 and just east of Pike National Forest, Palmer Lake, Colorado, is a small town located entirely within El Paso County. It lies not far from the Air Force Academy, and is bordered by the Greenland Open Space Preserve to the north, Pike National Forest to the west, the city of Monument to the south and the I-25 corridor to the east. As of 2000 census figures, it was home to a population of just over 2,100. Its median household income is $52,340.

The town was first inhabited by Native Americans, particularly those of the Mountain Ute, Arapahoe, Kiowa and Cheyenne tribes. It was first recorded that settlers passed through there in 1820 during Army's Major Stephen Long's expedition. The town gets its name from General William J. Palmer, who ventured westward after the civil war and founded Colorado Springs and the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad. The lake in the town was then used as fuel for the steam-powered railroads as the only natural resource readily available.

The town is most notable as the beginning of what is the 14-mile Santa Fe Regional Trail, a popular site with hikers, nature lovers and others. Its historic downtown area has stores, cafes and a history museum. Behind the mountains in the town are two reservoirs that provide the town's water supply. Both are accessible by a trail, and hikers and cyclists venture out there often.

For information on local media or to check out the county's book collection, visit the Palmer Lake Branch Library. Another notable site in Palmer Lake is the star on Sundance Mountain, a 500-foot-long star that is made up of ninety-one 40-watt light bulbs. It is lighted during the month of December and for other special occasions, and has been hovering over the town for most of the past 100 years.

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